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I've always loved studying people's mindsets! In fact, I've been doing this for 30+ years, as a social scientist, market researcher, media sales exec, and commercial printing entrepreneur.  

Around 2004, our oldest daughter started having a difficult to diagnose learning challenge, in addition to her other complex medical problems.  So I decided to take a pause in my media career and become her educational advocate. 

Shortly afterward, I came across the brain-based methodology of Dr. David Rock and the latest research that was coming out of the Neuroleadership Institute, which David was the CEO. That's when I consciously decided to make a change and entirely shifted my professional focus.  

I decided to give coaching a try by hiring myself a brain-based coach. The results were dramatic!!  Understanding the neuroscience behind how my brain worked, really helped to dislodge the mental barriers that had been keeping my mindset stuck.

Since then, I have completed the intensive training in David Rock's brain-based coaching school and earned my Certified Coach designation in both coaching and facilitation from the International Coach Federation. 

So in 2014, I decided to open Think Better, LLC, a consulting, neuro-advertising, and coaching firm that helps leaders increase their brain-based awareness and learn how to recognize and unwrap the intellectual gifts of those they lead, especially the ones who learn a little differently.

The quicker I can help leaders find the right fit brain-based solutions, the faster they can start building levels of trust, inter-generational connections, and improving the quality of conversations, both inside and outside of their organizations. 



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Page: ATTENTION STRESSED-OUT LEARNERS:Page: ATTENTION STRESSED-OUT LEARNERS:carolyn's testimonial picture“You will love being coached by Wendy! She has this ability to ask such thought-provoking questions and then listen to every single word said. There have been so many times she’s surfaced and pinpointed EXACTLY what I was trying to say!! Her coaching just helps me see more clearly..."


Jen Justis"Recently I was able to experience the brilliance of Wendy Passer. Over the course of the past year, I've made some major life changes to improve the quality of my life. Wendy took me on a most valuable journey through my memories of those months. Retelling my story with Wendy’s expert facilitation allowed me to experience it from a new perspective—to relive the milestones of my journey and to own my story. Wendy listened so intensely..."

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